Zambia Land Alliance working in collaboration with Centre for Trade Policy and Development with support from International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment- CCSI held 2 consultative meetings on the Lands Act and the Lands Acquisition Act for 16 chiefs from Solwezi, Kalumbila and Mushinfamo, Mkushi and Serenje districts of North Western and Central provinces.
The chiefs complained that they are left out in the decisions made on land especially in relation to investment. They shared that the only time they are involved is when they are expected to sign consent letters.
The royal highnesses feel that the legal framework on land recognizes them but at the same time get powers away from them as such they welcomed the move by Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to revise the Lands Act of 1995.
The chiefs further complained that there is less benefit coming from investment.
The meeting was made possible under the Advancing Land-based Investment Governance (ALIGN) project which is being implemented in Solwezi, Kalumbila, Mkushi and Serenje districts.

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